In the year 1880

The rich history of the three listed buildings of our hotel will take you back in time. In the year 1880 the banker J. Vermeer from Deventer commissioned the architect W.C. Metzelaar to turn the building at Grote Kerkhof number 9, opposite the Lebuïns church, into his private home. 

In 1985

In 1885 the house was extended at the left side and several passageways were added. This part of the house was furnished as the house chapel of the Vermeer family. The chapel enabled the family to say their prayers at all times, despite their busy lifestyle. 


114 years later, in 2009, Wim van Dijk, antique dealer and jeweller, started the detailed renovations to our property. Everything you see was designed or furnished by Wim.

September 2013

Grand Boutique Hotel ‘Huis Vermeer’ officially opened in September 2013. 
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